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Want to upload the best quality image or design? Have a look at our image uploader guide.
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Take your designs to a whole new level with our game-changing DTF (Direct-To-Film) Transfer Sheets. Imagine your custom design flawlessly printed multiple times, all on a single transfer sheet.

No matter if you're a pro or just starting your DTF journey, these sheets are your ticket to transforming plain fabrics into vibrant, eye-catching masterpieces. 

Upload your designs now, from intricate artworks to vibrant logos, and bring them to life with our premium quality DTF Transfer Sheets. Whether you're pressing just 6 T-shirts or a whopping 6000, we’ll get them printed for you in no time.

  • Perfect for business or personal use
  • Suited for ANY design or artwork
  • Crisp & vibrant colors
  • Easy application with heat press
  • Apply on a vast range of fabrics
  • No weeding or transfer tape needed
  • Fast printing in the USA

DTF Transfers are perfect for use on a range of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, nylon and more! They also work great on dark colors.

Each transfer sheet will feature only one design that will be replicated. You can easily cut down each design as you need it prior to pressing. Please note that at this time, we are unable to accommodate gang sheets or multiple designs or logos on a single sheet.

Press and Go. DTF Transfer Sheets are designed for easy use with any heat press machine. It's so easy to press them on, even complete beginners will be able to do it. No weeding or transfer tape is needed. 

Application Instructions: 
Heat your press up to 330° F then lay your fabric on top. Press to remove any creases. 

Next, position your cut-down DTF transfer on top with the design facing up. Close the press tightly for approximately 20 seconds. 

Leave aside to cool completely. Then do a COLD peel to reveal your finished design.



Please Note: All fabrics and heat presses will vary, so we recommend doing a test before you begin to get your settings right.

Crisp and Detailed Print. Whether you want a text-based design, intricate elements, or delicate lines, Bright Star Prints' DTF technology has you covered. Please note that it's best to upload print-quality transparent PNG files. Find out more about how our team will get your files ready for printing.

Vibrant Colors. Printed with the highest quality inks, your designs are sure to pop with life! You'll be amazed to see the brightest whites and colors no matter the material, color or stretchiness of your garment. Create your logo and design in every color of the rainbow... you'll be surprised at how vivid your DTF transfers will be on your products.

Durability. Not only are the colors so beautiful, the print is also sure to withstand the regular wear and tear, including washing, without losing their vibrancy or detail. Once transferred to your fabric, you can even stretch the design and you will not see cracking.

Seamless Ordering. Simply upload your design, choose the sheet size and quantity you need and that's it! We'll print and ship your sheets in a flash so you can get to the fun part... applying them!

Please Note:
Legally we cannot print licensed images or trademarked logos, such as those from Disney and similar companies.


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Can I have multiple designs printed on one sheet?

Sorry, but we accept only one design per order. Each transfer sheet will feature only one design that will be replicated. At this time, we are unable to accommodate gang sheets or multiple designs or logos on a single sheet.

What distinguishes DTF Sheets from Pre-Cut DTF Transfers?

DTF Sheets feature a single design replicated on one sheet, while Pre-Cut DTF Transfers come pre-cut as separate transfers.

Do I need any special equipment to use DTF Sheets?

You'll need a heat press to ensure proper adhesion of the design to the fabric.

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