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Design Help


No. 1 - File too small or large 


To make sure that your design looks as good as possible when it's printed, we need to have a file that is at least 100kb in size. The max size we allow is 10mb.


No. 2 - Text or imagery too close to the edge


If the text or other important imagery is too close to the edge, we will likely have to add a white border to ensure nothing gets cut off. If you don't want to have a white border around your sticker, then you'll need to allow for extra details around your design. This will allow our design team to place the cut mark inside the design. This is especially important for designs that don't use a flat color around all sides of the design, e.g. an illustration or photograph.




No. 3 - Blurry print


If you upload a file that is too small, you may get a blurry print especially if you need a large-sized sticker. To ensure you get a nice crisp-quality print, you will need to send through a suitable file that is large enough for printing. We have an article that goes into more detail here.


No. 4 - Don't take a photo of a previous sticker


Don't take a photo of a previous sticker as it won't print well and the colors most likely won't match what you have previously received. Instead, you should always find the original artwork. If you need help with this please get in touch and our design team may be able to assist you.


No. 5 - Don't use a screenshot of a design


It's always recommended to download a design as a JPG or PNG from various design software, instead of taking a screenshot, which most likely will not give you the best resolution needed to send a file to print. 


No. 6 - Watch out for watermarks


If you save an image from a stock imagery website without paying for the license, the image will have a faint watermark with the website's logo on it. To fix this you'll need to pay for the rights to use it or find an alternative image from a license-free image site. 


No. 7 - Avoid copyright infringement


You cannot upload any design that is owned by someone else, such as Disney or Marvel characters. Even if you bought the file from someone on a place like Etsy, doesn't mean it's allowed. You can find out more here.


No. 8 - Pick the right shape


We've got a bunch of different shapes that will work great for most designs. So if your rectangle-shaped design isn't looking good in our Circle Stickers, that's ok. Choose our Rectangle Sticker instead. If you need help choosing the right size, make sure to reach out to our team who'll be happy to help.


No. 9 - Text is too small to read


Getting the size of your text is always a bit tricky. Usually the smaller the sticker the less text you should put on it. You should also try using ALL CAPS and a contrasting color for small text to make it easier to read. 


A good tip is to print out your design on your regular desktop printer in the size you hope to get. If you can read it easily then you should be good to go with our professional printers.


No. 10 - Colors aren't matching my online preview


Printed colors may vary from what you see on your preview, so it's recommended that you do a test print first before you order in bulk. 


You can also check our color guide here for colors we've tested, and ones to avoid


No. 11 - Transparent backgrounds


If you upload a file with a transparent background, our design team will automatically add a white background. If you would prefer a different background color, we recommend that you add it in a design software before you upload it to ensure you get the correct color. If you need any help please reach out to us.


No. 12 - Spelling mistakes on artwork


It's always important to triple check artwork that you upload to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. It's so easy to miss these especially if you're the only person who has been working on them. As Bright Star Prints can only print whatever you upload and does not offer a proofing service, we always recommend that you show your designs to a few other people, ideally ones who are good at spotting mistakes. 


No. 13 - Can I give you my kiss cut or die cut shape?


Normally you just have to upload an image and our design team will create the cut mark around your design. But if you're a designer and using Illustrator you can give us the exact cut mark you want for your stickers. This is especially useful for die cut custom-shaped stickers. Please get in touch with us with your file before you place your order. 


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