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How do DTF Transfers work?
It's super easy! First, we print your DTF transfer onto a special film. Then, with heat and pressure from your heat press, the ink bonds to your chosen surface.
How do I apply DTF Transfers?
Heat your press up to 330° F then lay your fabric on top. Press to remove any creases. Next, position your cut-down DTF transfer on top with the design facing up. Close the press tightly for approximately 20 seconds. Leave aside to cool completely. Then do a COLD peel to reveal your finished design.
Do I need any special equipment to use DTF Transfers?
You'll need a heat press, which is a common piece of equipment in the custom printing industry. The heat press ensures proper adhesion of the design to the fabric.
How do I apply UV DTF Transfers?
Clean your item with rubbing alcohol for better adhesion. Slowly peel the clear carrier sheet away from the backing paper, making sure the design lifts off. Position the decal and use a squeegee to smooth it down. Finally, slowly peel off the carrier sheet, and voila! Your design is in place.
Do I need any special equipment to use UV DTF Transfers?
No heat press is required to apply UV DTF Transfers. You will need a squeegee to smooth the transfer down and ensure it applies properly.
Do I need to weed or mask the design?
No, one of the great advantages of DTF printing is that it eliminates the need for weeding or masking. You can apply your design directly onto the fabric, saving you time and effort.


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