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Care Instructions

How should I care for my DTF-printed garments?


Washing. To keep your DTF prints looking their best, always opt for low temperature washing (86-104°F) or a cold wash cycle and use medium washing cycles (600-800 rpm). Select shorter washing programs, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, for effective cleaning without excessive wear and tear. It's also best to avoid immediate rewashing after the initial wash as fibers are more prone to stretching, making them vulnerable to damage.


Drying. Air dry your DTF printed fabrics. Avoid using a tumble dryer, as high temperatures can adversely affect the print quality. When drying in the sun, turn your garments inside out, with the print side facing inward to help maintain the vibrancy of the print.


Ironing. Opt for an iron equipped with a steaming option. The application of steam not only helps the print to stay put but also allows for a smoother glide of the iron across the surface.


How do I care for items with UV DTF Decals applied?

Our UV DTF decals are waterproof and weather-resistant. For longest lasting results, we recommend hand washing any items with these decals. 


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