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DTF Transfers

What are DTF Transfers?
DTF stands for "Direct To Film". DTF is a modern printing and transfer method used in various industries, including apparel and textiles, to create custom designs, graphics, or images on different substrates like fabric.
What type of fabric can I use them on?
These DTF Transfers are perfect for use on a range of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, nylon, cotton-poly blends, spandex, denim, canvas and more! If you're unsure of the fabric you're planning on using, please reach out to us before ordering.
Can DTF transfers be used on both light and dark fabrics?
DTF transfers work like magic on both light and dark fabrics. The film and ink make the difference for vibrant results.
How durable are they?
DTF Transfers are made to withstand regular wear and tear. This includes washing without significant fading or peeling. Once transferred to your fabric, you can even stretch the design (within reason, of course) and you will not see cracking. However, like any printing method, the longevity of the design will depend on several factors, including the application process and how the printed garment or item is washed and cared for.


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